©Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole & Enlli Môn Thomas
                 The development of the PGC was supported in part by the Welsh Assembly Government,
                   the School of Psychology, Bangor University, and the ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory and Practice.
For more info: pgc@bangor.ac.ukmailto:pgc@bangor.ac.ukshapeimage_1_link_0
The test is available as follows:
Standard Kit: £159
  Book Version: This version is like traditional standardised
    tests of receptive vocabulary. This version can be used to 
    test children individually.  
    Includes 50 marking sheets for individual testing.
  Individual Computerised Version: This version is 
    administered   individually to a child via a 
    computer. The child’s scores are calculated
    automatically by the computer.  
Standard Kit + Classroom Kit: £219
     In addition to the Book and Individual Computerised 
     Versions, this kit contains a Classroom Version, which
     allows the tester to test the whole class or a whole 
     group at the same time. Includes 100 answer booklets
     for classroom administration and a Teacher Record Sheet.  
Also Available: 
    Additional Marking Sheets for Book Version (50 per pack) £20
    Additional Answer Booklets for Classroom Version (100 per  pack): £50
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